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/kəˈlabəˌrāt/: verb - to work together or with someone else for a special purpose.


We are excited to announce our partnership, The Warden Collaborative.  Our name is intentional; we aim to collaborate with our clients to help them reach their best potential outcome.  Together we have decades of experience as client-focused brokers for individuals, builders, and developers.  We want to understand who you are so that we can help find the right community match for you.  It's not just about the house, it's finding a home that allows for a lifestyle that's best suited for you.  We want to be your lifetime brokers and stay connected so that we can help you achieve your life goals!

Kim Warden


Kim Warden’s value as your local Charlotte real estate agent comes from a wide variety of her life experiences. Kim has lived all over the country but has lived in the Charlotte area for over 20 years. She considers Charlotte to be the absolute best place to live.

Carmelita Layog


Carmelita brings a wealth of knowledge of the community and its fast changing market. From the bubble and crash of the early 2000’s to the incredible appreciation over the past few years and now to a new horizon, Carmelita has successfully helped her clients navigate the real estate market.

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The Warden Collaborative has a passion for helping their clients find that perfect home and works with them throughout their lifetime moving through the stages of life and their real estate needs. Contact the team to get started exploring Charlotte real estate now.
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